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ABLETON LIVE – Clip Launch Settings

by | Apr 13, 2017 | ABLETON LIVE, TIPS & TRICKS

Ableton : Clip Launch Settings

In this Ableton tutorial, you are going to learn how to use the clip launch settings in Ableton Live 9.

Ever wondered what those boxes are when you double click on clips? Learn how to change the behaviour of clips when you launch them. These tips apply to both audio and midi clips.

Level : Beginners

  • Learn about the different Launch Modes
  • Legato Mode
  • Launch Quantizations
  • Triggering Velocity

More Tutorials about Follow Actions in Ableton Live

This tutorial is included in a series of 3 videos about follow actions in Ableton. Here is another tutorial from the series.

As Maike Watson says : “Follow actions allow you program what happens to your sound clips after they have finished playing. You can que different ones to start, make clips jump to new locations or even create never ending sequences of music suitable for art installations.

Learn how to change all these follow action behaviors from the clip launch box in this video tutorial. These tips apply to both audio and midi clips.”

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Instruments and plugins featured in this tutorial

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