JAZZ PIANO – Augmented Chords Explained – Jazz Piano Harmony10:18


JAZZ PIANO – Augmented Chords Explained – Jazz Piano Harmony

by | Oct 13, 2017 | MUSIC THEORY

JAZZ PIANO – Augmented Chords Explained – Jazz Piano Harmony

In this tutorial made by MangoldProject, you are going to learn what augmented chords are. “An augmented chord is denoted using either a + or ‘aug’ following the chord’s name. For example, C+ means “C augmented”, and Gaug means “G augmented”. The trainer shows you how to construct an augmented chord, which consists of the root and 2 additional notes spaced 4 semitones apart from each other. For example: C+ = C E G# / F+ = F A C#

An augmented chord can be substituted for the 5th degree. For example, suppose you’re playing a 2-5-1 in which Dm (2m) leads to G (5) leads to C (1). You can substitute G for G+ which would give a similar, yet distinct jazzy sound.

This tutorial is aimed at piano players interested in expanding their chord voicing vocabulary. Although some theoretical concepts are discussed throughout the video, you really need to know very basic concepts (what a semitone is, for example) to make use of the forms presented!”

Level : Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

  • JAZZ PIANO – Augmented Chords Explained – Jazz Piano Harmony
  • Tutorial Duration = 10min17sec  

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