BASS GUITAR EXERCISE – Diatonic Arpeggios Up and Down the Neck06:45


BASS GUITAR EXERCISE – Diatonic Arpeggios Up and Down the Neck

by | Aug 31, 2017 | BASS

BASS GUITAR EXERCISE – Diatonic Arpeggios Up and Down the Neck

In this tutorial made by the excellent channel Music on the D Lo, you are going to learn a cool exercise for practicing diatonic arpeggios. Arpeggios (broken chords) are important for all musicians, but they can be kind of a drag to practice. In this video, the trainer shows you a tarantula exercise to practice playing arpeggios up and down the neck.

The trainer begins by selecting a scale – any scale will do, but he chooses C major for sake of ease. He then constructs a chord from each note in the scale. Finally, he arpeggiates each chord using the tarantula pattern. Play it fast enough and it will really look like a spider crawling up and down the neck!


Although this exercise is performed on bass in the video, it can certainly be played on any instrument (guitar, piano, mandolin, etc.). Give it a try!

Level : Advanced Beginner

  • BASS GUITAR EXERCISE – Diatonic Arpeggios Up and Down the Neck
  • Tutorial Duration = 6min44sec

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