BASS GUITAR TUTORIAL – Learn How to Play the Major Scale11:09


BASS GUITAR TUTORIAL – Learn How to Play the Major Scale

by | Jul 4, 2017 | BASS

BASS GUITAR TUTORIAL – Learn How to Play the Major Scale

In this tutorial made by MusicCollegeTV, you are going to learn how to play one of the most commonly used musical scales, the major scale. It’s a diatonic scale which means this scale is made up of seven notes.

The sequence of intervals between the notes of a major scale is: whole, whole, half, whole, whole, whole, half
-> Whole stands for a WHOLE TONE and Half  stands for a SEMITONE.

The simplest major scale to write is C major, the only major scale to not require sharps or flats: C-D-E-F-G-A-B-(C)


Nice tutorial for beginners who want to get started with bass guitar scales.

Level : Beginner

  • BASS GUITAR – How to Play The Major Scale
  • Tutorial Duration = 11min08sec

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