GUITAR TUTORIAL – 8 Essential Blues Turnarounds23:28


GUITAR TUTORIAL – 8 Essential Blues Turnarounds


GUITAR – 8 Essential Blues Turnarounds

In this tutorial made by the channel LickNRiff , you are going to learn 8 essential blues guitar turnarounds in order to compose your own tunarounds.

A turnaround is loosely defined as the last two measures of a blues or jazz chord progression. The name comes from the fact that these measures are used to ‘turn around’ and lead back into the start of the progression. (You can find the full definition by clicking here)


This is one of the most valuable tutorial on blues guitar turnarounds on internet. The trainer is absolutely brilliant. A must-see tutorial for sur ! And i also really like the fact that you can download the tablature for free here.

Level : Beginner / Advanced Beginner

  • Learn 8 Essential Blues Turnarounds
  • Tutorial Duration = 23min27sec

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