MUSIC THEORY – Do Drums Make a Noise or a Note ?03:16


MUSIC THEORY – Do Drums Make a Noise or a Note ?


MUSIC THEORY – Do Drums Make a Noise or a Note ?

In this music theory animated tutorial made by Walk That Bass, the teacher answers the very interesting question : do drums make a noise or a note?

(The following text is from Walk That Bass) “We learned in previous videos that both noise and notes are mixtures of sound waves at different frequencies.A note is made up of a ripple pattern which repeats itself over and over again in an ‘ordered’ way. While a noise is made up of individual ripples which have no relationship to each other and do not repeat – and so are ‘disordered’.

So then do drums create a note, or a noise? The answer is – it depends.

Drums are circular, short cylinders with tight skins that have a tendency to produce notes – so they vibrate in a repeated pattern. And indeed, some drums, like an orchestral tympani are tuned to a particular note.

But sometimes you don’t want a drum to produce a note. What if a drum is tuned to F# and the song you’re playing is in the key of C? It’ll sound terrible. So often we just want drums for their rhythmic elements, and not their melodic elements. You want a repeated ‘thud’ from a drum to keep the beat, without that ‘thud’ being an F#.
A bass drum has skins at both ends and it produces a noise rather than a note. And the way you prevent it from producing a note is by tuning the skins to different notes.”

Level : Advanced Beginner

  • MUSIC THEORY – Do Drums Make a Noise or a Note ?
  • Tutorial Duration = 3min15sec

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