GUITAR – Blues Scale Changes – The Major Blues Roadmap08:01


GUITAR – Blues Scale Changes – The Major Blues Roadmap

by | Sep 13, 2017 | BLUES, GUITAR

GUITAR – Blues Scale Changes – The Major Blues Roadmap

In this tutorial made by Fretjam, you are going to learn how to think outside the minor blues/pentatonic scale box by using more colorful scale changes. By combining different scales in your blues solos, you’ll no longer be limited to the vocabulary of the same 6 note scale in the same position.


Fretjam describes this tutorial better than me : “In other words, this lesson will open up your creative options and, once mastered, intuition will have a much greater role in your blues improvisation.”

Level : Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

  • GUITAR – Blues Scale Changes – The Major Blues Roadmap
  • Tutorial Duration = 8min00sec  

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