GUITAR TUTORIAL – Chord Domination – Triad Harmonization06:36


GUITAR TUTORIAL – Chord Domination – Triad Harmonization


GUITAR TUTORIAL – Chord Domination – Triad Harmonization

In this guitar tutorial made by Fretjam, you are going to learn how to harmonize the major scale using the top three strings of the guitar (G, B and E). This lesson does two things: It gives you full horizontal coverage of the guitar fretboard in any given key (Fretjam uses A major as an example) using economical, three-string triad shapes.

It also shows you how chords are intrinsically connected to a scale and key, by visualizing the scale pattern underneath your triad shapes. This is known as scale harmonization. By seeing the fretboard in this way, you’ll be able to create more dynamic melodic expression with your chord playing and add in embellishments from the scale wherever you are on the neck.


Fretjam never ceases to amaze me with his amazing animated guitar tutorials. A really useful video for every guitarist you want to have a deeper understanding of scale harmonization.

Level : Advanced Beginner

  • GUITAR TUTORIAL – Chord Domination – Triad Harmonization
  • Tutorial Duration = 6min35sec  

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