GUITAR TUTORIAL – Three Tasty Blues Licks in the Key of A03:31


GUITAR TUTORIAL – Three Tasty Blues Licks in the Key of A

by | Jul 6, 2017 | BLUES, GUITAR

GUITAR TUTORIAL – Three Tasty Blues Licks in the Key of A

In this tutorial made by the Youtube channel Your Band, you are going to learn 3 three very tasty blues guitar licks in the key of A.

  1. The first one is in the first position of pentatonic scale and is played over the first chord  (A7).
  2. The second one is during the transition between chords I and IV  (A7 and D7).
  3. The third one is a Turnaround lick on E7.

Actually all of these licks can be used everywhere, on every chord, so feel free to improvise with it, you can change timing, dynamics… in order to make it sound like you, make it more familiar.


I really love those blues guitar licks ! I use them a lot.

Level : Beginner / Advanced Beginner

  • BLUES GUITAR – 3 Tasty Blues Guitar Licks in the Key of A
  • Tutorial Duration = 3min30sec

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