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MUSIC THEORY – Infrasound & Ghosts


MUSIC THEORY – Infrasound & Ghosts

In this music theory animated tutorial made by Walk That Bass, you are going to learn what infrasound is.

“Some instruments can play notes that are below the normal human hearing range – which is called infrasound.

For example, the 32 foot pipe in a pipe organ creates a note at 16.4 Hz, and the 64 foot pipe creates a note at 8.2 Hz. Some electronic music also uses infrasound. But if we don’t hear these sounds, why do we use it?

Well, interestingly even though we can’t hear the note, we can still, somehow, perceive it. – If it is a complex wave, we might be able to hear the higher overtones which are in our hearing range. – It’s still a sound wave, so it still interacts with other sound waves and may change the wave shape of audible notes and create a kind of beating effect. So infrasound affects the timbre of audible notes. – But it’s much more interesting than this, we don’t so much hear infrasound as feel it.

Infrasound appears to lie of the edge of our perception, rather than outside it, especially when played with enough volume. And this makes it very curious and mysterious. Numerous experiments have been done on whether humans can perceive infrasound. It’s even been suggested an infrasonic tone at 19 Hz might be responsible for some ghost sightings”

(Credit : Walk That Bass)


Brilliant work from our friend Walk That Bass !

Level : Advanced Beginner / Intermediate

  • MUSIC THEORY – Infrasound & Ghosts
  • Tutorial Duration = 4min19sec

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