JAZZ PIANO TUTORIAL – Improvisation – Embellishing the Melody05:31


JAZZ PIANO TUTORIAL – Improvisation – Embellishing the Melody

by | Mar 25, 2018 | JAZZ, KEYBOARD, PIANO

JAZZ PIANO THEORY – Improvisation – Embellishing the Melody

In this jazz piano video tutorial made by Walk That Bass, you are going to learn how to improvise in and around the melody. This is a great improvisation technique when playing ‘inside’ and resolving tension. This is used a lot by all musicians and it works well because it reassures the listener that you are still playing the right song 🙂

Improvising while still hinting at the melody sounds professional and fascinating. The melody gives you a base to work off and if you ever get stuck you can just go back and start playing the melody again. Anyway, have a play around with this and see what you come up with.

Improvisation is combining:
– Scales
– Riffs
– Passing notes (e.g. chromatics)
– Melody
– Change rhythm of melody (keeping pitch the same)
– Change pitch of notes (keeping rhythm the same)
– Use ‘fills’ over long notes and rests

(Credit : Walk That Bass)

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