MELODYNE – Creating Vocal Harmony10:34


In this tutorial, made by Bob Sell, you are going to learn how to create vocal harmony using Melodyne in Pro Tools. But you can apply this technique with any other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

What is Melodyne ?

Melodyne is a standalone application and a plugin that you can use to adjust the timing, the pitch and the volume of your audio samples (monophonic and polyphonic). Once the software has analyzed your sample, you have access to a piano roll editor where you can modify, correct and edit the pitch.

Melodyne music software edited by Celemony

Melodyne is edited by Celemony. There are four versions of the software (Click on each link for further informations on the product)

  1. Melodyne Essential 99€ (95€ on Thomann)
  2. Melodyne Assistant 249€ (239€ on Thomann)
  3. Melodyne Editor 399€ (375€ on Thomann)
  4. Melodyne Studio 699€ (633€ on Thomann)

The more advanced is your version of Melodyne, the more you have access to features. For example, in the essential version of the software you can only edit the pitch of monophonic samples. In the Studio version, you can edit polyphonic samples.

I personnaly use Melodyne for creating exciting and creative vocal samples in Ableton. I use the plugin version and not the standalone application. But both versions are really good.

The only problem is the cost of the product. But in my opinion, it worth it if you produce a lot and need to have more control over the tuning of your samples.

About Bob Sell

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