Neo Soul Chord Progression Explained – JAZZ PIANO10:40


Neo Soul Chord Progression Explained – JAZZ PIANO

by | May 8, 2018 | Non classé

Neo Soul Chord Progression Explained – JAZZ PIANO

In this jazz piano tutorial made by PianoPig, the trainer shows you exactly how to play this dirty neo soul chord progression, explains every voicing and gives you some tricks to make your own neo soul chords!

This neo soul chord progression was inspired by the jazz standard ‘Blue In Green’. It makes use of chord extensions to create big, thick textured chords. We look at how to use secondary dominants since they are very common in the neo soul / gospel genre.

The trainer also shows you some other tips and tricks that you can use to create your own neo soul chord progressions and start to understand how people such as Cory Henry and Robert Glasper sound like they do!


Amazing tutorial for understanding how to create and play a neo soul chord progression. The explanations are crystal clear.

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