PIANO TUTORIAL – Herbie Hancock Chord Voicing – Minor 11th Chord Piano06:03


PIANO TUTORIAL – Herbie Hancock Chord Voicing – Minor 11th Chord Piano


PIANO TUTORIAL – Herbie Hancock Chord Voicing – Minor 11th Chord Piano

In this piano tutorial made by PianoGroove, you are going to learn how to play the Herbie Hancock minor 11th voicing,a rich-sounding, two-handed minor 11th voicing. The voicing contains a 5th interval in the left hand (Root & 5) and then four notes in the right hand (b3, 11, b7 & 9). The best way to learn the voicing is to memorise these scale degrees and then apply it to any minor key.

The voicing is named after Herbie Hancock who is one of the most famous modern jazz pianists and composers. Herbie was one of the first jazz pianists to embrace synthesizers and funk music. This voicing definitely has a funky vibe to it!


Another great tutorial from the channel PianoGroove. As usual, amazing explanations and awesome tips for learning the best chord voicings for jazz piano.

Level : Intermediate / Advanced

  • DJEMBE – How to Play Basic 4/4 Rhythms
  • Tutorial Duration = 6min02sec  

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