PIANO TUTORIAL – Easy Improvisation Exercise, The II-V-I Progression13:36


PIANO TUTORIAL – Easy Improvisation Exercise, The II-V-I Progression

by | Apr 22, 2017 | MUSIC THEORY, PIANO

The Best Piano Improvisation Exercise

In this piano tutorial made by Kent Hewitt, you are going to learn how to use the 2 5 1 piano progression as an exercise to improve your piano skill.

It’s a really useful tutorial for beginner keyboard improvisors but also good for intermediate and advanced level. After houndreds of tutorials, this one finally explained it in the simplest way possible.

Level : Beginner / Intermediate

  • The 2 5 1 Progression Piano Exercise
  • How to Improvise on Piano

The 2 5 1 Piano Progression

The ii–V–I progression (occasionally referred to as ii–V–I turnaround, and ii–V–I) is a common cadential chord progression used in a wide variety of music genres, including jazz harmony.

It is a succession of chords whose roots descend in fifths from the second degree (supertonic) to the fifth degree (dominant), and finally to the tonic. In a major key, the supertonic triad (ii) is minor, and in a minor key it is diminished. The dominant is, in its normal form, a major triad and, commonly, a dominant seventh chord. With the addition of chord alterations, substitutions, and extensions (most often sevenths), limitless variations exist on this simple formula.

You can find the full article on Wikipedia

About the Kent Hewitt

Kent has taught jazz piano at Berklee College of Music, the Hartford Conservatory, Hartt College, Trinity College, and Summer Keys in Maine.

He has played in clubs and concerts with jazz notables Jackie McLean, Kenny Burrell, Phil Woods, Chet Baker, Zoot Sims, Clark Terry, Cassandra Wilson , & many others. He resides in Waterford, CT.

Here is an example of piano tutorial he posts on his channel (you will find all the links to his social pages below this video).


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