Playing Inside the Key – JAZZ PIANO TUTORIAL16:57


Playing Inside the Key – JAZZ PIANO TUTORIAL

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Playing Inside the Key – JAZZ PIANO TUTORIAL

In this jazz piano tutorial for beginners made by Walk That Bass, you are going to learn how to play “inside” the key of a song.

Before you learn any jazz improvisation techniques, you need to learn how to play within the key of the song. The teacher covers only how to start playing ‘inside’ the key or scale in this video. It’s important to learn how to play inside before you practice creating tension by playing outside (and then resolving inside).

Most beginners when they first starting trying to improve end up playing a scale up and down the chord progression. This is fine to begin with but is not really improvisation. So in this video, the teacher goes over ways to begin to expand your improvisation to include some other ideas and techniques like creating phrases and using harmony.

(Credit : Walk That Bass)

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