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PRO TOOLS – Beginners – The Best Tutorial To Start

by | May 2, 2017 | MUSIC SOFTWARE, PRO TOOLS

How to Record in Pro Tools?

In this tutorial made by micmusicdept, you will learn how to create a blank session in Pro Tools, add MIDI and audio tracks and record your music onto them.

It’s a very clear and simple tutorial to learn the basics of Pro Tools.

Level : Beginner

  • Learn How To Use Pro Tools
  • MIDI and Audio in Pro Tools

More about Pro Tools?

If the tutorial above isn’t enough for you to understand what is Pro Tools and how it works, i also really love this Pro Tools tutorial made by AimTVSydney.It’s a perfect video for starting out !

Jason de Wilde, Head of Audio at the Australian Institute of Music takes us through a quick tour of the main two windows of Pro Tools and explores the basic techniques and tools for navigation. You will see main parts of the Edit Window, and the Mix Window to get you started.

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