MUSIC THEORY – The Theory of Quarter Tones05:31


MUSIC THEORY – The Theory of Quarter Tones

by | Mar 29, 2018 | MUSIC THEORY

MUSIC THEORY – The Theory of Quarter Tones

In this tutorial, made by the awesome channel 12 Tone, you are going to learn the theory of quarter tones. It’s common knowledge among music students that there are 12 notes. But, well, that’s kinda weird, right? I mean, what is a note besides a name for a frequency?

And there’s way more than 12 frequencies out there. We tend to stop counting at half steps but there’s no real reason we can’t keep going, and the most common way to do that is with quarter tones, the notes between the cracks in our standard system. Quarter tones sit halfway between the half steps, and while they may sound weird and out of tune on their own, if you use them right, they can do some pretty amazing things! 

(Crédit : 12 Tone)


Amazing animated tutorial for learning the theory of quarter tones.

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