How to Sing with Correct Posture ? – SINGING TUTORIAL10:29


How to Sing with Correct Posture ? – SINGING TUTORIAL

by | Apr 7, 2018 | SINGING, VOCALS

SINGING TUTORIAL – How to Sing with Correct Posture ?

In this singing video tutorial made by Kimberley Smith, you are going to learn how to sing with correct posture. Before you learn how to breathe, sing, or play any kind of instrument correctly, you need to ensure that you’re creating the proper posture with your body.

Proper posture is probably the most common trait that most singers lack in their early years. Making a few minor changes to your singing posture will result in an instant improvement of your singing voice.


Great video for singers who want to learn more about singing with the right posture. A useful and interesting topic by a really cool teacher.

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