MUSIC THEORY – Swing Rhythm Explained10:47


MUSIC THEORY – Swing Rhythm Explained

by | Oct 15, 2017 | DRUMS, MUSIC THEORY, PIANO

MUSIC THEORY – Swing Rhythm Explained

In this tutorial made by Walk That Bass, you are going to learn the difference between a straight rhythm and a swing rhythm. Most music can be played either way, and will sound like the same piece, but with a very different feel.

Straight timing is where the beat is split into equal subdivisions (a ratio of 1:1) for playing notes.  Swing timing is where the beat is split into two-third plus one-third subdivisions (a ratio of 2:1).


One of the the clearest definition of this concept that i have ever seen 🙂

Level : Beginner

  • MUSIC THEORY – Swing Rhythm Explained
  • Tutorial Duration = 10min46sec  

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