MUSIC THEORY – What Is A Chord ?02:59


MUSIC THEORY – What Is A Chord ?

by | Oct 10, 2017 | MUSIC THEORY

MUSIC THEORY – What Is A Chord ?

In this tutorial, made by the awesome channel 12 Tone, you are going to learn what is a chord. The study of music theory is largely study of harmony, and harmony is made out of chords, so it follows that chords are pretty important. But what are they? In this video, 12 Tone finally tackles that question, along with how to build them and which ones you’re most likely to see. Chords are kind of a big deal, so if you don’t know them yet, check it out!


A really nice introduction to chords and harmony.

Level : Advanced Beginner

  • MUSIC THEORY – What Is A Chord ?
  • Tutorial Duration = 2min58sec    

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