XFER RECORDS – SERUM – Synth Tutorial (Part 1)07:05

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This tutorial, made by PRIME LOOPS, is the ultimate Serum Tutorial on how to use the Serum synth showing all the basics, overview, and all the functions of the synth. This is a 3 part tutorials. Here is the part 1. For the other two tutorials, check out their Youtube Channel.

The following article was written by Prime Loops under their xfer serum video tutorial on Youtube.

Below is a step by step breakdown of this tutorial if that helps!

Oscillators – A, B, Sub and Noise

A and B allow you to pick from loads of wavetables by using the menu at the top. Sub and Noise are there to layer in if required. Each Oscillator has options of tuning and manipulating the table that we’ll use in the second video.


All the standard types, plus plenty of crazy combs and flanges. By Default only OSC A is routed through the filter so make sure you click the buttons labelled “B”, “S” and “N” to routed the other Oscillators through as well. Note that on top of the usual controls there’s also a Drive dial to easily add some grit to your sound.


Envelopes, LFOs and Mod Dials. All can be freely mapped to any control by dragging and dropping. You change the range of the modulation by clicking on the small blue partial circle symbol and dragging the mouse. If you want to get more in depth with the mod options then switch to the Matrix tab where you can edit the range, response curve, type (bilateral/unilateral) and more.


A nice selection of high quality fx built in which means you can get really inventive with the modulation. Turn them on and off on the left hand side and use the same window to drag and rearrange.


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